Your memories of year 5

For the next few weeks in computing we are going to be using a variety of apps to present information in a variety of formats. The theme for your presentations is your memories of year 5.

We will begin by adding drawings, shapes, text and video into an explain everything project.

To gather some content, have a look at your class blog, the computing blog and the PE blog.

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Geography: Human and Physical Features of South America

Watch the video below to find out many fascinating facts about the famous human and physical features of South America.

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Usmaan vs the dark lord


Dear Mr Hall

I am writing to you to tell you about my sketch nation project.

My game is called Usmaan vs the dark lord (the best game in the world). It is a match 3 game (my favourite type of game). I got the idea because it is a really fun game. In this game you have to join 3 types of crystals, but they all have to be the same to join (there are numerous ways you can join them up, you can swipe up,down,left and right). When they are joined they disappear and then some random jewels fall down on the game board (red, green, yellow, blue and other varieties of jewels). The board can be any size. For example,  the size can be 5×5. In my game you can also have a time timing how long you got( the most time you got is frothy seconds). You can also say how many points you need or how many jewels you need of that type. At the start of my game the board it very big and you have to get a little bit of points, but as you carry on playing my game the board becomes smaller and you have to get more points. The obstacles you have to face is a rock. It blocks on gem. The only way to get rid of it is to destroy it. Also you can still swipe the rock to join three jewels together. The thing you have to worry about is the dark lord. If you swipe it you lose 10 points and it destroys some jewels, but you still get  more jewels to fill the gap the dark lord made.

I planed this game by making a rubbish game and then I kept on editing it to make an awesome game. Also my other technique was to start with a easy game and then keep on developing it to make a suitable difficulty for that level. We started with a easy version,but as the weeks carried on we started to go on to the advanced version and then later we started the expert version. As we did got on the advanced version it got harder as we could have more level and do more things (this was not possible in the easy version). The expert version was the hardest of them all (you had to do loads more to do on it). Backgroud is also important on sketch nation; the background gives you a image of the back of the game; it can also make your game look cool so you have more people playing on it.

Next time I can improve my enemies and I can also improve the difficulty of my game.

In conclusion, today I have told you all about my game. Also I have told you: my enemies, background, levels, what my game is and what my obstacles are. I hope you like my letter about my game.

Your sincerely,


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Sketch Nation

Sketch nation is a good game to play online games on and create games. It’s an awesome app to play on when you’re at home.

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Sketch Nation

My experience with Sketch Nation has been wonderful. Creating games is really fun and Sketch Nation allows you to do that at any time.If you do the easy level then it will be really easy but if you do expert level,it will take a really long time.It can be fun and easy or fun and hard ; but it is always fun.

When I play a game there is barely any problems. The only thing wrong is freezing and thats apple’s fault.

























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Sketch nation by Aleena

In topic we are learning about South America so I based my game on one of the flags: Argentina.My game plan was  traffic jam that is a game with cars and objects that you have to doge. There are three different stages I did the hardest one, difficulty. I developed my game by testing it each time I changed anything.I could improve my game by making my game harder.

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Sketch Nation

In SketchNation we have been learning how to create are own game.We started doing it on simple mode and then worked are way up. Expert mode is were you chose what obstacle you want.Simple mode is were you can design your own character.Advance mode is were you can make your character go fast or slow.

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Sketch Nation

In topic we have been learning about south America and the olympics. Then I started to think about what to do for my game. First I  started to think about the different type of  games they would have. After that  i choose a game from ‘ create a game ‘ and started to plan and make my game.


I started to change the game so i can make it my own. Then i started to test my game by playing it and testing it.

Next time i can add more level or make the game more harder.

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Sketch Nation Game

In SketchNation, we have been learning about how to create a game of our own game.The levels of the games were: Simple,Advanced and Expert.

The Simple mode was all about decorating the background of your game and just designing your person.On Advanced mode you were able to change the settings of the game and control your character of what you want him to do.In Expert mode you are able to decorate your background of the game and designing the character you want.You are able to change the settings of the game and control your character.You are also able to create the obstacle of the game and you are able to make your enemy of who you can kill.If you include enemies inside of your game it will be harder to complete the level.

So I recommend you all to play SketchNation because you will be able to experience the life of a game designer and this game is educational due to it using your brain in creating a hard game.

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Moonlight Sparkle (sketch nation by Jaycee)

How did I come up with this fun game?

The reason why I wanted to make this game was because I just love the thought  of a purple pony with a colourful mane.when I published this game onto sketch nation lots of people had liked my game ,hopefully you will too!

How did I plan my game ?

At that time of the day I didn’t exactly know what I was doing because it was my first time on sketch nation so I was kinda just following my heart and going with the flow really. If you want to make your own game don’t let anyone tell you how to make your game .

How did I test this game ?

Every single time I had edited my game for example the background or enemy or character I had tested it to see if it was possible because I had it on expert mode 

[avatar user=”17mariam” size=”thumbnail” align=”right” link=”attachment”]this is the young child who gave me some ideas![/avatar]

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